- After my husband and I first arrived to Paris. I was afraid to ever leave our apartment. So I would stare out the window into the alley…and I would see this cat looking for scraps. One day some children came into the alley and trapped it in a box. I watched them light firecrackers… and drop them in the box. I could hear him howl from three stories above. So finally, I had a reason to leave my apartment. I rescued this cat and I brought him home. He sits with me when I read. He sleeps with me… and he purrs. But… every once in a while he will bite me or scratch me. He does this because sometimes he forgets that he is safe now. So I forgive him when he bites me because I know what it is like to never feel safe. And that is because of you.  So today… I ask only one thing of you. I ask you now, that you show me the respect of acknowledging what you did to me. That it was you who questioned me, that tortured me…and that you remember me.
- I remember you. I remember your face. Your face has haunted me ever since I left Iraq. I am sorry. I am so sorry for what I did to you. I am so sorry.
- I forgive you. When my husband returns, I will tell him, I made a terrible mistake. That it was not you. And he will release you.
- Why? Why are you letting me go?
- We are all capable of doing what those children did to this cat. But I will not do that. I will not be that.

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